• Time : 09/23/2019 (Monday), 17:10∼20:00
  • Location : Computer History Museum 2nd Floor Hahn Auditorium
    • Address : 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
  • Attendees : Local investors in Silicon Valley, Accelerator K-Pitch participating companies Bay Area K-Group, and Santa Clara Korean American Chamber of Commerce
  • Program : Composition of three small seminars lead by Korean organization, including the tips on successful U.S. market advancement and sharing of the latest technology trends


Schedule Details

Time Schedule Notes
17:10~17:30 Registration
17:30~17:40 Opening & Welcome
17:40~18:00 Struggles to find PMF and GTM fit Josh Lee, CEO, Swit
18:00~18:20 Introduction of Korean Organizations Activities K-Group, Santa Clara Korean-American Chamber of Commerce
18:20~18:50 Dinner, Standing Networking Finger Foods
18:50~20:00 Group Seminar & Session Networking Hahn Auditorium (K-Group), BOOLE Room (Santa Clara Korean American Chamber of Commerce)



Josh Lee

Josh Lee

CEO & Founder, Swit

Josh Lee is CEO & Founder at Swit Technologies Inc. Swit is One WorkSuite for chat, tasks, and team management. Swit is one of the fastest growing enterprise startups in the Bay Area. Ahead of any marketing, Swit acquired more than 450 team clients for 6 months after its launch and raised $7M seed investment on July to accelerate its already-fast growth. Josh is trying to build their own enterprise software category, called “Teams Collaboration” (not Team Collaboration) to provide larger organizations with team-to-team communication, multiple team collaboration, and super admin management over workspaces. Swit was recently nominated as a Top 4 SaaS startup in the West Coast by SaaStock, one of the biggest leading enterprise SaaS communities.

Seminar Information

K-Group Seminar

1. Speakers & Topics:

• Yunho Lee (Technical Expert – Connectivity @ Ford Greenfield Labs), Automotive LTE-V2X & 5G Communication

• Kenneth Ryu (Co-Founder & COO @ Hyprsense), Virtual Beings – Digital Influencer

• Lawrence Chung (Software Engineer @ Google Cloud), Cloud Computing: A view on present and prospect (20 mins for each speakers)

2. Panel Discussion (20~30 mins):

• Panels: Yunho Lee, Kenneth Ryu, Lawrence Chung

• Moderator: Jenny Lee

Santa Clara Korean-American Chamber of Commerce

1. Topic
• How to develop Startup in Silicon Valley

2. Speakers & Moderator:

• Ahryun Moon (CEO @ GoodTime.io)
• Jae Hyung Lee (CEO @ Stratio Inc)
• Josh Lee (CEO & Founder @ Swit Technologies Inc)

• Moderator: Edwin Kwon (CEO @ TechSensia Consulting)

2nd Floor