2021.11.9 (PST)


2021.11.10 (KST)

K Pitch

The annual K-Pitch Competition presents one of the finest Korean startups every year to Silicon Valley. This year, 16 of the most competitive Korean Tech companies, in the Digital-Transformation field, are chosen through highly uncompromising preliminary rounds in Korea and are ready to rise and shine in Silicon Valley.


Manoj Fernando



Manoj Fernando is currently the Founder & CEO of Thinktomi - a Silicon Valley School of Innovation. Thinktomi provides dynamic and experiential learning leveraging the latest entrepreneurship methodologies, innovation and digital business transformation programs with knowledge derived from game changing companies. Thinktomi has a rich network of Silicon Valley thought leaders that provide real-life skills and insights as they happen in the industry. Thinktomi programs are offered both in the US and Global markets. Over the past 5 years Manoj has worked with over 2500(+) students and 1000(+) startups around the world both teaching and mentoring these companies.


Austin Arensberg


Okta Ventures

Venture investor with focus on early-stage startups based in San Francisco. Currently serve as Director of Okta Ventures overseeing startup investments in privacy, identity, and security. Before Okta I led Scrum Ventures US Investments with a portfolio of over 65 startups.


Kwangrog Kim

Managing Partner

Primer Sazze Partners

Kwangrog Kim is Managing Partner of Primer Sazze Partners and currently lives in Silicon Valley and works in Silicon Valley and Seoul. He co-founded Sazze, Inc. in 2005 and serves as CFO, overseeing finance and human resources, and supervising strategy, product management and online marketing on various company projects. He set up several eCommerce projects at Sazze, Inc., including, and Progrids. Kwangrog co-founded Sazze Partners in 2014. He focuses on transformative consumer tech companies. Prior to co-founding Sazze, Kwangrog studied Civil Engineering at University of California, Berkeley.


Michael Pachos

Managing Director

Samsung Ventures

Michael Pachos is a Managing Director at Samsung Ventures. He joined Samsung 2008, first working out of the Seoul headquarters, and then transferring to the Menlo Park office in 2013. He focuses on Consumer, Display, and IT related investments. Prior to joining Samsung Ventures, Michael worked in the Samsung Group’s Global Strategy Group (GSG). GSG was established under the Chairman's Office to address strategic and operational issues at the CEO level of Group companies. Michael worked on projects involving M&A, convergence and digital media strategy, and channel strategy. Before joining Samsung Michael was a CPU architect at DEC, Compaq/HQ and Intel. Michael is also a Co-founder of Global Velocity; an enterprise security related Hardware Company.


Phil K. Yoon

Founder and General Partner

Big Basin Capital

Since founding Big Basin, he has raised three seed-stage funds and invested in more than 40 startups in Korea and the US in various sectors such as mobile application, e-commerce, enterprise software, digital content, education technology, and gaming. Phil serves on the board of many companies he backed, including Kong Studios, Cookat, ODK Media, Goodtime, Swingvy, and Classum.


Robert Neivert

Venture Partner

500 Startups

I am presently a Venture Partner at 500 Startups and a CEO of a startup. Previously I was an executive for startups having founded or worked at eight companies with four exits and four companies still operating. I was CEO for the last two venture-funded start-ups. I also maintain a broad domain of expertise, having held leadership positions in products, marketing, and operations. Academic credentials include a BA, BS, MS, and MBA degree from Stanford, Wesleyan, and Santa Clara. I am a 500 startups Venture Partner, a mentor/advisor for Cardinal Ventures, Stanford iFarm, and Stanford's Treehacks program as well as an executive advisor for over 15 funded startups, and previously held the position of Executive in Residence at Quest Venture Partners.


Tuesday Nov.9 ( PST )

Wednesday Nov.10 ( KST )

5:00 PM(PST) 10:00 AM(KST)
time 10 mins

Opening Commencement

5:10 PM(PST) 10:10 AM(KST)
time 5 mins

Judge Introduction

5:15 PM(PST) 10:15 AM(KST)

Main Event | 4 min Pitch & 2 min Q&A
Pitching Competition (16 companies)
time 105 mins
Manoj Fernando M
CEO, Thinktomi
Austin Arensberg
Director, Okta Ventures
Kwangrog Kim
Managing Partner, Primer Sazze Partners
Michael Pachos
Managing Director, Samsung Ventures
Robert Neivert
Venture Partner, 500 Startups
Phil K. Yoon
Founder, Big Basin Capital

7:00 PM(PST) 12:00 PM(KST)
time 5 mins

Intermission (Highlight Video)

7:05 PM(PST) 12:05 PM(KST)
time 10 mins

Final Comments from Judges

7:15 PM(PST) 12:15 PM(KST)
time 15 mins

Award Ceremony & Closing

K Pitch Company List

Business Canvas
Tetris House
Mirae CIT
Waynehills Ventures

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