2021.11.10 (PST)


2021.11.11 (KST)

I Pitch

The annual International Pitch Competition is a global event initiated by IIA(International Innovation Alliance) in 2018. Companies from all over the world joined this year to compete in one of the most prestigious pitching competitions in Silicon Valley. Stay tuned for their inspiring technologies.


Jim Yang

CEO & Co-founder

Beluga Technology

Extensive leadership and hands-on experience building successful SaaS and consumer products with hundreds of millions of users. Experiences have spanned executive leadership, product management, marketing, sales enablement, client services, user experience design, strategy, monetization, search marketing, online communities, and e-commerce.


Brendon Kim

Managing Director

Samsung NEXT

Brendon Kim has been investing in early-stage startup companies for over 20 years. He is currently the VP, MD, Global Head of Samsung NEXT Ventures. The Ventures team invests in compelling early-stage software and services startups, bringing the power of the Samsung platform to accelerate their growth. Prior to joining Samsung, Brendon was a co-founding general partner of Altos Ventures, where he was a lead investor and board member in numerous early-stage software and services companies. Before co-founding Altos Ventures, he was a strategy and management consultant in the media, consumer, and technology industries. Brendon received his MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and his BA from Princeton University.


John Nam


Strong Ventures

John Nam is a Co-founder and Managing Partner at Strong Ventures. He was a former Vice President of International & Corporate Banking at U.S. Bancorp. He obtained Master of International Affairs, International Finance & Business from Columbia University.


Preetha Ram

Partner, Senior Managing Director

Pier 70 Ventures

Preetha is general partner and senior managing director at Pier 70 Ventures and is responsible for investments, portfolio management and the deal flow process. Dr. Preetha Ram is a successful entrepreneur, technologist and educator.She was founder and CEO of OpenStudy, a peer-to-peer online community and platform for mentoring and academic help for high school and college learners. Preetha raised multimillion-dollar funding from the who’s who of foundations: the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the Georgia Research Alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Hewlett Packard Foundation before receiving an institutional round.


Rachel Chalmers

Partner, Director of Corporate Innovation

Alchemist Accelerator

Rachel is all about “helping to build software that makes life better.” She is pursuing her moto at Alchemist Accelerator inspiring many startups worldwide as a director of corporate innovation. She has been with Ignition Partners, Merian Ventures, and Autodesk.


Sungjoon Cho

Founder, General Partner

D20 Capital

Sungjoon Cho is a VC Investor at D20 Capital. Formerly at Amasia, Formation 8, McKinsey, and Samsung. He finished his M.B.A at Columbia Business School and got the master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Seoul National University.


Wednesday Nov.10 ( PST )Thursday Nov.11 ( KST )

5:00 PM(PST) 10:00 AM(KST)
time 5 mins

Opening Commencement

5:05 PM(PST) 10:05 AM(KST)
time 5 mins

Judge Introduction

5:10 PM(PST) 10:10 AM(KST)

Main Event | 4 min Pitch & 2 min Q&A
Pitching Competition (10 Companies)
time 80 mins
Jim Yang M
CEO, Beluga Technology
Sungjoon Cho
General Partner, D20 Capital
Rachel Chalmers
Partner, Alchemist Accelerator
Preetha Ram
Partner, Pier 70 Ventures
John Nam
Co-founder, Strong Ventures
Brendon Kim
Managing Director, Samsung NEXT

6:30 PM(PST) 11:30 AM(KST)
time 5 mins

Intermission (Highlight Video)

6:35 PM(PST) 11:35 AM(KST)
time 10 mins

Final Comments from Judges

6:45 PM(PST) 11:45 PM(KST)
time 15 mins

Award Ceremony & Closing

I Pitch Company List

ElectricBrands AG
Open Sesame
Triple W
Business Canvas

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